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If you have a disability, or a mental or physical health condition, financial support could be available through Access to Work.

What is Access to Work?

If you have a disability or a physical or mental health condition, then you may need extra help to start a new job, or to stay in work.

Employers have a legal responsibility to support you in work, by considering reasonable adjustments to the job, the recruitment process or by providing extra equipment. If you need extra support, you should always start by talking to your employer to see how they can help you. In addition to support from your employer, you may also be able to get help from Access to Work. 

Access to Work is a government scheme that can pay for extra support to help you start or stay in work. The support that you are offered will be based on your needs, and could include a grant to help cover the costs of practical support in the workplace. It may be able to pay for additional support on top of any reasonable adjustments you’ve agreed with your employer.

Who to contact

0800 121 7479 0800 121 7479

Your local Job Centre should be able to help you apply for Access to Work




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